VerbalAbuse Podcast

Backhanded comments, willingness to change and an interview with Kreek!

June 3, 2020

Have you been the victim of a backhanded comment?  Should people change their beliefs in themselves in order to fit other people's views?  Don't miss Kreek!


Mike Robertson - Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums

Steve Loveless - Rhythm and Lead Guitar

Eugene Green - Bass, Banjo and Mandolin

William Teller - Drums

Jamie Keller - Keyboard, Harmonica, Guitar and Mandolin

They've been together for 4-5years as Kreek.  Mike served in the military and is retired.  Kreek has Original music coming and are based out of Marion County Alabama.  June 6th they will be working a benefit at Hodges Horse Park in Hodges Alabama and June 11th at VFW 4919 in Sheffield Alabama.

Social Media contacts:  Kreek on Facebook and

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